welcome, my name is olivia henwood, creator of wip magazine. i am eighteen years old and i am seeking what sets my soul ablaze, writing. i have opened my heart and poured out words that reside deep inside me to bring to you my passion project. 

i grew up in a wonderful city with a wonderful family and everything wonderful surrounding me, i now know how lucky i am and i want to give back to the world that has given so much to me. that's why i am proud to donate 15% of all earnings i may acquire from wip to a different charity each month. if there are any causes you think are worth fighting for feel free to contact me and i will be happy to look into them.

i am a completely irrational person, never quite in balance and always make spontaneous decisions on my own which usually wind me up in trouble with family and friends but make my heart happy. i suppose that is why i keep making them. this is one of them, currently unemployed spending my days writing and photographing. two things i love but have never really pursued as its always been on the side of what i deemed important. i recently realised how insane we were as a society to put aside our passions to pursue things we tolerate for the pleasure and approval of others. i decided i did not want that anymore. 

i wanted to pour all my energy into something beautiful, a series of words connected to each other by true meaning and love. i am tired of writing assignments on topics that are loosely related to things i care about. i want to be able to create something that is nothing more than the truth as i see it.

this is my gift to you, the words i have held back so long that i have always dreamt of sharing. a flowing channel of thoughts and energy contained in just a few pages. i hope you enjoy, i enjoyed writing. 

with love

- liv